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How many online dating profiles are fake

Fake dating profiles.

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If you're not sure how to spot fake online profiles from real ones, then Fake online profiles are much more common on free online dating sites. a fake dating profile or two over the course of your online dating career. "​Many dating profiles allow linking to social media," Bennett says. An estimated one of every 10 dating profiles online are fake, and more than $50 million is lost to Many scammers list their location abroad.

how many online dating profiles are fake


They look a lot like real profiles with real, bonafide people behind the screen. But because they're created by catfishers and scammers, they often have a few qualities that scream "fake," once you know what to look for. Fake profiles are created for a variety of reasons, he says, including catfishing for attention, marketing products, or even scamming people out of money. But according to DatingScoutyou can often tell what's real from what isn't by looking at the photos.

Of course, it's not just people making these profiles, but computer programs. These profiles are created with the goal of scamming you into sharing private information, as mentioned above, or tricking you into clicking on malware links. And the same goes for profiles that seem like they're trying to sell you something, which is more common than you might think.

Shutterstock Even though you should be focused on meeting new people and having fun conversations, online dating is all about keeping an eye out for these red flags, too. Look for social media links along with real photos and human-sounding info in profiles.