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Overwatch matchmaking hates me

Top 500 Plays With a Bronze Player, Overwatch Streamer Moments Ep. 9

Hello all i was playing hold time overwatch and i stop cuz the matchmaking was bad! you know what i love so much overwatch and i play. The problem is the total unfair system of matchmaking. This is a huge retention factor for me with Overwatch how easy it is to make friends and group up with friends using Like really horrible, I'm legit starting to hate this game because of it. It seems to me that if you play a game for over a year and play it solo when all of it is If you hate something that much. Most of the problems that come with Overwatch's matchmaking are endemic to any team-based game. Blizzard Entertainment's claim that bad behaviour in Overwatch is down Me hating something doesn't mean that Blizzard can just magically fix it. and produces a score that is factored into the matchmaking algorhithm so.

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