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Unity matchmaking service

Connected Games: Building real-time multiplayer games with Unity and Google, Unite LA

Single user ticket matchmaking If your game has a 1v1 game mode, or supports a single user entering matchmaking by themselves, consider single user matchmaking. Single user matchmaking follows the pattern illustrated below. Create a matchmaking ticket A user creates a matchmaking ticket using CreateMatchmakingTicket. When ticket creation is successful, the service returns a TicketId. The ticket creation requires you to specify the Creator the user's identity and attributesGiveUpAfterSeconds the time in seconds before the unity matchmaking service gives up on matching the ticketand the QueueName in which to find a match.

OnMatchmakingTicketCreated, this. OnMatchmakingError ; Check the status of the matchmaking ticket You must poll the service by TicketId to access the Status of the ticket in matchmaking. In order to do so, have your title call GetMatchmakingTicket.

unity matchmaking service

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You'd use Unity's existing matchmaking service and then go for NAT punch through connections, and then decide if that fails do you want. Selection from Unity 5 2D and 3D Game Development [Video]. This session at Unite Copenhagen focused on Multiplay's new matchmaking service that allows developers to create Unity Technologies.

In this video we implement Unity matchmaking so players can join rooms over the internet. ● More about Unity Multiplayer.