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Dating an investment banker blog

A Day in the Life of a Banker in Canary Wharf, London

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Want to know what its really like to date an investment banker? I share everything in my blog about my relationship with my banker boyfriend! "When I read the interview on the blog with the banker's wife it was like reading a very possible – but nightmarish – scenario of my future. I don't.

You see him in elegant clothing and a neat overall appearance, but don't let the physical aspects be the only reason why you are dating him. It's important that you date an investment banker not for his looks, his respected career, or his wealth. If money is your reason for dating him, you'll be the first one out the door when he loses his job. Dating an investment banker without having an idea of what the business is about can be disastrous.

When you date an investment banker, there's a big chance that his work will be his dating an investment banker blog priority. If you want to become a man's first priority, maybe an investment banker isn't the right fit for you.

Whether you are in a relationship with an investment banker or you simply want to know how it is like to date one, keep in mind that even though he may be intelligent, elegant, and wealthy, what matters more is you like him for him, and not for the lucrative things he can offer you.

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