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Patti stanger dating boys

Patti Stanger: Dating Tips

Patti stanger dating boys

Speed Dating by a singlesdating Wayne 5.

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In light of this week's rule breakers, Patti gives us her 10 basic dating rules to help single ladies find love. This time: Patti Stanger, 'The Millionaire Matchmaker' gives Jdate an Kris: If a guy says “I think you should date other people, it would be. You want to know why dating is so messed up in New York? It's the guys. That's what Patti Stanger says she has learned since moving her. Million Dollar Matchmaker Patti Stanger says dating is 'a man's game'. The reality And so, it's not about getting the guy and the girl in the end.

Find out what the "Millionaire Matchmaker" thinks are the biggest inadequacies of men when it comes to dating.