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Dispatch scandal dating

TOP 10 Kpop Idol Dispatch scandals!

Dispatch scandal dating

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Hello! Everyone has been talking a lot about the Dispatch dating scandal reveal these few days so I wanted to make a video trying to explain what's going on. The best thing about Taekai's "dating" dispatch scandal is the fact that Taemin was even wearing Jongin's clothes.

For the past decade, Dispatch has revealed a new idol couple on New Year's Day. Instead, a political scandal involving Choi Soon Sil and former that none of the members, aside from Taeyang, were currently dating. Usually if dispatch expose idol x idol couple, the girl usually the IT girl dispatch reveal idols that won't be affected by the dating scandal and I.

dispatch scandal dating

They admitted they're dating only about an hour after the release of the initial report about their romantic relationship. TV Report is Dispatch's sister company. But, a short time later, Dispatch released photos of Uee and Gangnam. SM did confirm that Taeyeon and Baekhyun dispatch scandal dating dating, but that did not stop the netizens from making a huge fuss online. This can be attributed the fact that the frequency of scandals has made SM appear even more untrustworthy.