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Luminescence dating quartz and feldspar

15) Feldspars and Quartz

It is recognised that the luminescence generated following laboratory irradiation contains a proportion of electrons that are considered thermally unstable over geological time and are not present when measuring the natural signal in a sample. The introduction of a standard test dose Tn following the measurement of the natural and laboratory doses allows the calculation of a ratio with which to monitor, and correct for, any change in sensitivity.

Further parameters are tested during and before this sequence to confirm that the protocol can successfully recover a signal. The SAR approach provides multiple Des and also allows for the explicit testing of partial bleaching. Calculation of the Dose Rate The calculation of the dose rate introduces uncertainties due to substantial variability being observed in potassium, uranium and thorium which are the luminescence dating quartz and feldspar sources of environmental radiation.

Although minor below altitudes of 1 km, an additional contribution from cosmic rays is also considered, and can be limited to the soft component fraction by only using sediments below depths of more than 0. Increased moisture content and carbonate coating of grains can lead to an attenuation of the radiation reaching the sample, and so ultimately to an age overestimation if not identified.

With alkali-feldspars, their internal potassium content contributes a significant proportion of the total radiation it experiences, and so considerably reduces the reliance on the external dose rate, variations in moisture content and overburden and so the associated uncertainties Duller, ; Preusser,

Luminescence dating is used to identify when a sample was last exposed to trapped within the crystalline defects of minerals such as quartz and feldspar, and​. Testing feldspar luminescence dating of young archaeological 10% HF before separating K-feldspar and quartz using a heavy liquid solution.

Luminescence dating quartz and feldspar
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