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Matchmaking robocraft

Robocraft, Game Spoiled By Matchmaking Exploiters, 003

The latest free update for Robocraft is now live and brings with it a load of balance changes and Party Matchmaking!.

matchmaking robocraft

Today, we're revealing a new system that will help increase the optimisation of matchmaking and allow players to make impactful build. We'll have more information about these new weapons and other Robocraft after to send party invites or view their friends list while in a matchmaking queue.

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How often is Robocraft updated with new content, game modes, etc.? Robocraft tends to release updates at a frequency of once a month, but this cadence can go up and matchmaking robocraft. It's worth signing up to the Robocraft newsletter and following our social channels Twitter and Facebook to be notified of when new content is released. You can manage your email subscriptions by logging in to your account on the Robocraftgame.

How does the matchmaking work? Is Robocraft Pay to Win? All robot parts can be obtained for free in Robocraft.

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